Lesson 4


Estimated Time: 3 minutes


After this lesson, you will:

  • Be able to identify website bugs during the development stage;
  • Be able to identify available support for marketing and technical needs.

Descriptive transcript

Video Description: Brian, a white male, is seated. He is wearing a dark blue polo shirt, a tan flat cap, and a pair of black eyeglasses. He is using American Sign Language to teach. On his left side is a light gray dresser with an assortment of house plants on it. A plant grow lamp casts white light upon the plants. To Brian’s right side is a small brown plant stand, with more house plants on it, along with a black baseball cap with the word “Purdue” on it. Another grow lamp casts blue light on the plants on this side.

What is development? 

The development stage is where we convert your website into a ‘living and breathing’ object. WordPress will be the engine powering your website. On WordPress, we will build your website using Divi, a theme and website builder all in one. Divi is a great tool for creating beautiful custom websites. WordPress powers about one-third of all websites on the Internet. Divi is the most popular theme on WordPress. So it’s little surprise that Design to Glow specializes in WordPress and Divi! 

What do I need to do to support development?

We’ll need a few things from you to ensure your website is ready to launch.

Give us final feedback

The type of feedback we want isn’t heavy adjustments but rather fine-tuning. We’ve already set up the most important parts of your website: navigation, color schemes, and page layout design. At this point, we just want to keep an eye out for any bugs like the following: 

  • Screen size or device incompatibility
  • Animation glitches (buttons or images)
  • Forms not working
  • Links not working
  • Slow load times

We want to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and appears as you envisioned in the wireframe and mockup stages. So we will ask you and your team to test as much as you can of the website.


Prepare for hand-off: Marketing

You will need to set up a plan for bringing people to your website, which is why it’s important to have a marketing point of contact ready. We will set up a few things for you:

Post templates – With your website, you will be able to publish a stream of different posts (e.g., articles, portfolios, galleries) to the public. We will provide templates for your marketing person to work with. These templates will make the process of publishing simple. 

Categories and tags – With categories and tags, you can organize all the posts your teams create. Each of your posts should be categorized and tagged to support your website’s search functionality. This way, your audience can find your posts easily. We will help your team fill in initial categories and tags. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is a way of optimizing your website to be more easily found through Google and Bing. It is a crucial tool in bringing traffic to your website. We will work with your team to ensure you have the right resources to fill in the SEO needs of your website.

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