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Video Description: Brian, a white male, is seated. He is wearing a dark blue polo shirt, a tan flat cap, and a pair of black eyeglasses. He is using American Sign Language to teach. On his left side is a light gray dresser with an assortment of house plants on it. A plant grow lamp casts white light upon the plants. To Brian’s right side is a small brown plant stand, with more house plants on it, along with a black baseball cap with the word “Purdue” on it. Another grow lamp casts blue light on the plants on this side.


Hello! You’re here because we agreed to collaborate in a special way for your website project. We’re excited to be working with you like this! This is a new approach for us which we hope to result in an even more fun project experience. 

What is this learning experience for?

We at Design to Glow put together this learning experience for you because we believe in giving our clients the most out of their time with us. In many of our projects, we noticed that a majority of our clients didn’t have a full understanding of the work behind a website. Don’t worry — this is absolutely normal. 

How does this learning experience benefit you? 

This learning experience will give you a basic understanding of the process and requirements of creating a website structure. This involves several lessons focused on a few questions: What is website structure? What happens during the development part? Through the lessons, you will gain a better understanding of the work behind a website. 

How does this learning experience benefit us?

After each lesson in this learning experience, you’ll be able to immediately apply your learning. You will give answers to our discovery questions. These answers are crucial in supporting our work process.

Ready to go? 

In each lesson, you’ll have a video to watch along with a transcript. When you’re done, you can click “Next” to give us answers to our discovery questions. It’ll be fun! 

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