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Video Description: Brian, a white male, is seated. He is wearing a dark blue polo shirt, a tan flat cap, and a pair of black eyeglasses. He is using American Sign Language to teach. On his left side is a light gray dresser with an assortment of house plants on it. A plant grow lamp casts white light upon the plants. To Brian’s right side is a small brown plant stand, with more house plants on it, along with a black baseball cap with the word “Purdue” on it. Another grow lamp casts blue light on the plants on this side.

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You’ve reached the end of the learning experience! You should now have a stronger understanding of the website development process and requirements. Throughout the learning experience, you immediately applied your new learning to the discovery questions, and we were in touch with you if we found any answers to be unclear. With your answers, we could focus on ensuring a quality website that aligns with your goals and results. 

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With the close of this learning experience, we’d like to learn about any particular challenges or gaps you felt you had during this experience. For example, was there an area you wish we explained more or less on? With your input, we can update our learning experiences to better support learning and feedback. We will be in touch regarding your final thoughts. We deeply thank you for your time and participation!

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